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Dorte Toft Lecturing is just another payoff

Dorte Toft is using her 15 minutes of fame to cash in on the lecture circuit. @dortetoft +dortetoft

Who is paying Dorte Toft and what is the real reason that she is being invited to speak at resorts, foreign countries?  What kind of influence does Dorte Toft have in Denmark among politicians and government?

Photo Blog: Summer Conference 09
By Thomas Sommerset

Summer Conference in pictures. Read and see what was happening. Here you will find links to network issues about Mr. X, lecture Hadia Tajik and survey on which parties journalists vote for.'

Thomas Sommerset of Norwegian Union of Journalists, reveals award winning journalist Dorte Toft's all expense paid vacation, and extra money to speak about her feminism issues and tooting her horn once again about all the awards and accolades she received over 1 blog post, in light of her many decades of work as a published journalist.

We learn through the expose by Thomas Sommerset, that Dorte Toft can easily be bought.

Summer Conference for the first time in Stavanger. Almost 100 people attended, including a delegation of 15 people from Agder.

Here is a series, which follows the program from Friday 28 August to Sunday 30th August.

Funding for Dorte Toft is supported by funds from Norwegian Editors' Association.

Dorte Toft is given guided tours of the gardens, with 50 different plants and flowers, which strictly speaking should not grow in Norway. Lemons, olives, apples and bananas growing on the island.

While walking through the gardens, Dorte Toft is photographed drinking alcoholic beverages and stumbling as she walks.

The young journalists stay clear of Dorte Toft who is known to lecture the young women about changing their occupation, go back to school and become a computer nerd, go into the study of sciences or become a computer programmer. The young girls make sure to avoid this bitter lady, who always seems to have a bottle of vodka, or drinking in her hand.

Dorte Toft ( read prior discussion ) told about blogging that led to revelations by the Norwegian Stein Bagger in IT Factory in Denmark. He was sentenced to imprisonment for seven years.

- Blog readers are those who Færden in real life. They work for me behind the lines.
She recommends reading the story of Gizmondo  

Great ending to the conference. It was about the hoax, fraud, white lies and deliberate misrepresentation.
Pizza, quizzes and group projects. This gang of Farsund.

Next year's Summer Conference back in Kristiansand.

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