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Dorte Toft receives award for her Islamic silence

+dortetoft @dortetoft known as a freelance journalist and blogger and as a paid lecturer, has gained notoriety for her stalking blog about Mr. Stein Bagger. With her awards comes a substantial cash award, that we have found to be a payoff by Association for Investigative Journalism in conjunction with The Amman-based ARIJ, whose mission statement is to provide resources to support diversity of views and opinions.

It was this kind of diversity that was successful in changing Danish politics, removed various laws of anti-islam and put a new prime minister in office that was more lenient to Arab points of views.

ARIJ History
ARIJ is the brainchild of several leading Arab journalists, editors, media activists and professions who came together with a like-minded group of Danes driven by commitment to professional in-depth reporting for the benefit of local communities. They held several meetings in Copenhagen, Damascus, Beirut and Amman before the program was set up with funds from the Danish Parliament, disbursed through the Copenhagen-based International Media Support (IMS). The Danish Association for Investigative Journalism (FUJ) provided technical support. Over the years, more donors joined like Foundation for Open Society, UNESCO, The Washington-based International Center for Journalism (ICFJ), The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and others. As of October 2011, SIDA will become a key core donor of a three-year program. or fax it to +962 6 4640406

The mission of ARIJ is to enhance excellence in investigative journalism, which is essential in a free society.

ARIJ will cover the following expenses:
•    Freelancer when a staff reporter has to work on an investigation.
•    Internal travel, hotels, etc
•    Access to national and international databases
•    Translation
•    Pre-publication/broadcast legal screening
•    Legal support if legal action is taken against a journalist or investigation supported by ARIJ.

In addition, we will help publish your investigations in other countries, and ensure they are carried by websites of international investigative reporting networks, including SCOOP, a regional support structure and network for investigative journalism in central and Eastern Europe.

Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) is the first and only  nonprofit organization in the region dedicated to promoting investigative journalism in Arab newsrooms, still an alien practice.

The Amman-based ARIJ was formed in early 2005 to support independent quality professional journalism, through funding in-depth journalism projects, and offering media coaching. It helps journalists working in print, radio, tv and on-line media in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Palestine, Yemen and Tunisia.
22 November 2011
Stoevring problematized multiculturalism and got the answer: ".. if only there were billions of colors "
Saturday dinner sends P1 a section of the network, a three quarter long interview program where a small panel relate to current issues. The subject was racism, and the panelists were made an appointment to discuss short taped interviews consisted this time of Dorte Toft (journalist), Nikolaj Henningsen (social worker) and Ann-Elisabeth Knudsen (Lecturer), who had completely analogous positions.

The hospitalized interviews from people who spoke racism problem up, brought no uproar, but at the end of the broadcast there was also time for a brief comment from PhD Kasper Stoevring related to multiculturalism. He told dry and uncontroversial about lack of trust between people and decreasing cohesion, and suddenly disappeared the good mood.

The host changed tone, and then they went otherwise in a flock attack on Dust Rings conclusion without in any way to roam what he said. Dorte Toft, who had previously spoken of racist blogs and 'the new Holocaust against Muslims suddenly became moderate.

Ann-Elisabeth Knudsen, most talked about the need for government-funded language training problematized, not Jacob Holdt's postulate that the Danes were more racist than the Ku Klux Klan, but Dust Rings study - "Who has taken the idea to what question?" One should not ask questions if you do not want to hear the answer, and it would DPU lecturer not.

Nikolaj Henningsen was the worst, as he weaving raved about Stoevring used statistics to feed 'hidden messages', something he as a wise man ought to keep in good. Finally summed P1-host panel position. It was important to talk about things, but that it should be done in a 'proper way'. Without problematize multiculturalism means.

Partial transcription of scrub home where you come from!

Dorte Toft , journalist: It's no doubt that it has been far far more difficult than it was previously. When I went in to this program, so I went straight out and was looking at some of the words here, and I ended up on some pages dripping with contempt, it was complete, so you can not imagine how people can take themselves to write such things. But that is what has come completely out now. One of the things that were in worming, it's now out in the public debate.

Dorte Toft : I think it is very big, I have a shade of it - sometimes I can be terribly upset when I see they completely covered women walking down the street and wonder why, why, why? Now we have struggled for so many years on equality, and all that other - that we all have an offender. But hopefully, it is proving intelligence, well that one is able to master the prejudice - the strip of skin that we have. ...

Dorte Toft : ... I saw some older people who said that the course was also because he is a jew ... It's been stopped, but v in must hate to have 'a new Holocaust in order to get people to pull itself together . So how do we otherwise can stop it, so if we see - there is also racism in Sweden, and everyone says so that there is freedom of speech ban, but if we look at Sweden, as are two of the teams in the top league in football, As far as I understand, I'm a little away from here, it's two teams from Södertälje, two pure immigrant football team, it was originally, and they are doing awesome - you have at football matches, as far as I can see, it's my husband who is interested in football , not me. So they have more of a different skin color, they have more in their TV programs with a different skin color, as long as we make it into something quite unusual, or entirely imported, there are some with a different skin color, then we do not moved us. ... My greatest wish regarding racism, it's true that all of us multiply the length and breadth so that we finally have something to let each other hear. I also think we are a much stronger race of it - in incitationstegn. Just like dogs, mongrel dogs, they are less crazy in the head.

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