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Dorte Toft love affair with Dr. Christmas Jones Nuclear physicist

+Dorte Toft has a vision of Danish women, that they should all be like Dr. Christams Jones. The only problem is that Dr. Christmas Jones is a Bond Girl and she is not real. Denise Richards is the actress who played Dr. Christmas Jones in the James Bond movie.

Maybe the fantasy began because of all the drinking that Dorte Toft does to overcome her obsessions?

 There, Bond, posing as a Russian nuclear scientist, meets American nuclear physicist Christmas Jones and enters the silo. Inside, Renard removes the GPS locator card and weapons-grade plutonium from a bomb. Before Bond can kill him, Jones blows his cover. Renard steals the bomb and flees, leaving everyone to die in the booby-trapped missile silo. Bond and Jones escape the exploding silo with the locator card.

Denise Richards as Christmas Jones, a nuclear physicist assisting Bond in his mission.[2] Richards stated that she liked the role because it was "brainy", "athletic", and had "depth of character, in contrast to Bond girls from previous decades".[3]

Dr. Christmas Jones is a young American nuclear physicist working in Kazakhstan to dismantle nuclear warheads so as to reduce the Russian inventory in line with treaty obligations. She tends to be rather defensive and even aggressive towards the men she meets. She particularly dislikes jokes about her given name.

On their initial encounter Christmas distrusted Bond, who was working undercover to investigate Renard's presence at a Russian missile facility. When Christmas realized that Bond was not who he claimed to be, she alerted both the authorities and, unintentionally, Renard; as a result, Renard was able to escape with a nuclear warhead. Once she learned of Renard's plot to destroy the pipeline, Christmas assisted Bond in his mission. In classic Bond-movie fashion, she became highly attracted to him, and they have sex after the end of the mission, prompting Bond's comment "I thought Christmas only comes once a year."

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